Saturday, February 13, 2016 0 comments

Welcome 2016

I shall be turning 27 next week. I cant believe its already been five years since I converted FMS. Time really does slip by ever so fast. People are getting married, having children, and here I am still confused on what is to be done ahead. Although I have realized the basic truth of life- that life does not have any particular truth or meaning. Its just about making the most of the moments while we are alive. That being said there are some activities which I am doing just to keep myself occupied. Listing them in no particular order.

1. Watching Stand up Comedy, especially East India Comedy shows.
2. Reading, reading and more reading. Finally started the epic ‘The Brothers Karamazov’, along with others.
3. Will be attending a few Astronomy seminars soon, hopefully.
4. Cycling.
5. Tindering, just for fun.
6. Walking actively nowadays.
7. Watching movies/TV Series. Eagerly waiting for Batman vs Superman and Xmen Apocalypse for this year.

Rest later. See you soon.