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Life at 27

The following answer was written by me, originally in Quora. I thought I would share it here as well.

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Question- How is life at Age 27 in India?

I have read most of the answers in this thread, and I can relate to a lot of them. For me personally, life is a bit confusing. There are good parts and there are not so good parts. Lets try to put it into bullet points(too much of MBA stuff again):

* You realize the value and worth of true friends, especially when you have very few of them by your side

* There are times when you wish to meet up with someone, but you are left all on your own(not necessarily a bad thing)

* More often than not, your job tends to take a toll on you, you have arguments with your boss, with your colleagues, and that leaves a bitter taste even after you go back home. As you rise up the corporate ladder, you do tend to see the ugly side of things

* If you are staying away from your family, you realize that you can never take things for granted. You do learn to manage things independently, but you also realize the importance and value of a family.

* If you have roommates, again it can go both ways. If you connect, then there is nothing like going for group events, watching theatre plays/movies/house parties, etc. But if you start having arguments, things can take an ugly turn

* If you stay alone, you might start questioning a lot of things. About life, relationships, values, work, money, pleasure, spiritualism, etc

* If you are in a relationship, at least you have a support. You can share both your pleasures and your pain with your partner

* You realize the value of money. No matter how much someone might say money doesn’t matter, it does. You should learn to invest and to save. Wasting money on useless activities is a sin(According to me)

* Learn to manage your finances, and invest into health stuff, such as books, physical activities, etc(linked to the previous point)
* Often, you might tend to go into depression. Especially if you have a hectic job, with little time for yourself, or your family/friends. Make sure you do manage a work life balance, as far as possible

* Most corporate jobs suck. Period. No matter how high you go, there will be lot of aspects of your job that you will not like. There will be a lot of colleagues you will not be able to get along with. Learn to accept it. Its part of life.

* Occasionally, you might start questioning the purpose of life. The truth is that life has no meaning. Its entirely what you make out of it. There is no hidden truth. Simple. Learn not to complicate things(saying out of experience)

* Value your relationships and the people around you. Ultimately, it is them who will come to your need, when you are in a crisis.
* You will learn to handle multiple responsibilities, and in a better way.

* You will often encounter people with high egos. Try not to get into a fight with them. Understanding the human mindset is essential for a good living. Arguments and fights rarely help anyone.

* You will often be tempted to eat junk food, and indulge in binge drinking to ward off the stress. Try to avoid this as far as possible.
* Travel as much as you can. It opens the mind to new experiences and culture.

* Do not hesitate to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. It will reward you in the long run. Delaying instant gratification also helps.

* In the end, try not to take life too seriously. At the end of it, we are just a part of an average planet in an average solar system, with an average sized sun, in a remote corner of the Milky way galaxy, which itself is part of billions of galaxies in our vast Universe. Take things with a pinch of salt.

Ultimately, this post turned out to be more of an advice thing, than specifying how life is at 27. Still, am glad I wrote it.