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2016 in Remembrance

So i sit at my laptop, on New Years eve, all alone in my room, with a glass of Apple Juice and a jar of Cheeslings in hand, I wonder-'How have things gone so far.' And yet another year comes to a close, with more insights. Let us think about the year that went by, and what did it bring about for me.

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Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain: Game Review

Okay, I recently finished Metal Gear Solid 5, the Phantom Pain, and I decided I would write a Game Review for the same.

I shall be referring to the game as MGS5 for the remainder of this blog post. I would be pleased to say that this game definitely lives up to the Hideo Kojima Masterpiece of a Gaming series. Let me divide it into the following categories:-

i) Graphics:
Undoubtedly one of the major highlights of this game are its mind-blowing graphics. You will need to play it yourself to believe it. Whether going down the valleys of Afghanistan or the Grasslands of Africa, you can almost feel yourself to be present at the surreal locations. The character designs have been done pretty well as well.

ii) Gameplay:
This is probably the best part of the game. The gameplay includes improved controls, while at the same time keeping it simple. You have a wide arrays of weapons and items to choose from. You also need to save civilians and other people during a multiple array of missions. You have Buddies to support you, and you can call upon Helicopter support, Bombardments, and so on. For travel, you can use Horses, Jeeps, Trucks, and what not. As you gain experience, you can build upon more sophisticated equipment and weapons. Though one negative point is that some of the missions seem repetitive with almost similar objectives. Maybe instead of having 50 missions, they could have restricted it to 25, so that the repetitive factor would go.

iii) Story:
This has always been the USP of all MGS games, and once again the story does not disappoint. Set in the early 1980s, this game is a Prequel to the current MGS universe, and features Big Boss, the original Snake. Without giving away any spoilers, I would like to say that the story definitely captivates you and also explains a lot of things on past events which ultimately ended up shaping the future.

iv) Replay Value:
You can definitely replay some of the missions at harder settings, and there are around 150 side missions to choose from. For sure, you will not end up getting bored. I devoted a good 35+ hours to this game, without even completing majority of the side missions.

Overall, MGS5 is definitely recommended to all gaming fans and a Must for all MGS lovers. Just get it and deep dive into the Universe which gave us Foxhound, Outer Havens and Diamond Dogs.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Until next time, adios.