Thursday, June 18, 2009

Racism Part 1


Well I had to start off with something. And I thought on writing on a current hot topic for Indians, i.e. Racism. Within the past one month, several Indians have been targeted and beaten up in Australia. By the so called racist people, thugs and drug addicts. Some of them have even been seriously injured, and many students, studying in Australia have returned to their motherland. All of this is known of course, to you. 

What I want to focus on is the racist attitude which is prevalent globally. We are quick to pronounce Australia as a racist country, and that it is full of racists targeting innocent Indians. We get angry, hot-minded, and ask for quick action to be taken. Protests are made, flags burnt, people (mainly Australian) accused. But we forget that Australia is NOT the only racist country, and that all attacks are not Targeted at Indians alone, but to any individual who does not possess a white colored skin. Secondly, not all people in Australia (or any other country for that matter) are racists. And thirdly, before we accuse any other country, we should pay more heed to what is happening in our own.

For a start, I believe that many Indians are racist as well. Most of the so-called fair skinned people here (though they too will be classified as ‘brown’), look down upon people who are dark complexioned. Don’t believe me? Look around in your society. If you are male, ask to yourself honestly this question: Will you want to have a partner who is dark complexioned? More than 90% will say no. Pick up any daily newspaper and check the matrimonial column. Especially the ‘brides wanted’ section. ‘Wanted, fair, slim, beautiful, educated….blah blah bride.’ So you want your son to marry only a fair skinned woman (who should be beautiful and educated), whilst you yourself freely declare other white people as racists.  

Every country in the world is home to racists, few or large in number. Racism has been in existence for hundreds of years. Black slaves being exploited in USA is one of the most popular examples. Even today, blacks and other non-white ethnic communities are not given their full rights and benefits. In many a situation, they are looked down upon, hated and despised. A number of anti-racist organizations have opened up in recent times and are doing quite well. I wish some people in India were not that narrow minded. Racism should be opposed, and the culprits punished.

But the unfortunate truth, here is that most of us are ‘white’ fanatics. We are all obsessed with either trying to become fair ourselves, courtesy to the fatuous face creams in the market, or trying to find partners who are fair. And even more unfortunate is the fact, that fair, attractive people almost always gain the upper hand, be it in the job scenario or attracting soul mates. People don’t want to look at your ability or knowledge as much as they want good looks. Obviously non-fair people can never have good looks, according to their thinking. Honestly, if someone is born black, it is NOT his/her fault. Why blame him for something he can’t change.  

Even more ridiculous are the fairness cream advertisements. Now fairness creams for men is available too. With celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham, endorsing such products, no wonder so many people get lured by them. Come on, man, use your common sense (if you have some). If you are dark complexioned, do you honestly believe applying some silly cream on your face, can make you white? Try your kitchen flour instead. Even if you end up looking like a ghastly ghost, at least your face will become temporarily white, if you are that desperate, i.e. 

Maybe one of the reasons for our fairness-obsession could be due to the 200 year British rule. Many people believed them to be Supreme Lords and rulers of the lands, who could do anything upon their wish. Thus the thought originated, that if you are a White person, you are obviously better and far superior than any non-white guy. The British have gone, but left a permanent mark upon us all. Now, all we want to do is emulate the west. Wear their kind of clothes, talk in their language, eat their kind of food, praise their culture, pretend to be urbane, modern, civilized, and look down upon our own native people(the ones who choose to be more Indian), who live their normal life. Our obsession with English has crossed all limits and boundaries. Though that is an issue, I will deal with later in another post.

I guess I will end here, as my first discussion has become rather long. All comments are welcome, for or against. Hope you liked this article. See ya.


Anonymous said...

Well well well...Thats a very different and interesting perspective.Differences do exist among us but that doesnt justify the racist attacks by the locals of australia,canada etc.our folks are going there just to finish their education.Our country is cluttered with the nefarious reservations and quota system which no other country has.even the prestigious IIMs and IITs haven't been spared thanks to the eternal fool arjun singh.where else could we go?what is our future?

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