Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nonsense and Updates


Yeah, had a very busy fortnight. Or rather, as usual I ended up becoming indolent. Dunno why, but am just not getting the mood to sit down and type. I want to do something else instead.

Anyways, sessional exams finally over, had my first IMS exam as well. Oh well, sem is approaching and I am not making much progress. Sigh!

Enough of complaining, lets see whats going on currently,

1)Finished 2 States by Chetan Bhagat. Will write a review in the next post. Found it average.

2) Got 6 new games(mostly highly popular ones like Gears of War, Mass effect and Bioshock) thanks to Kuntal. And my eccentricity for installing them just one month before sem.

3)China and India still arguing. Whatever.

4) Obama passes a Health Insurance deal. Yawn!

5) Attacks continue in Pakistan.

6) India lose Hero Honda cricket cup series versus Australia. Was expected.

7) Unrest continues in many part of the country.

8) I still need to finalize my final plans. Lol.

9) 2010 is coming. No, I said 2010 not 2012. I dont care if Apocalypse is just 2 years away.

10) Big Boss is getting a bit obnoxious. But still addictive for idiots like me.

11) John Cena is once again the WWE Champion. You cant see him though.

12) The world record for typing is 173 WPM. Damn.

See you in the next post. Adios.


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