Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Holi Gift

All right, I have been quite busy in the past one month or so, and did not get much time to write blog posts. Reason being I had multiple MBA interviews all over the country. I visited Mumbai, Kanpur, Kharagpur for the first time in my life, and my visit ended with a Delhi trip. While returning home, I got a call in the evening. It was Appurv[one of my friends and a Puy], who informed me that I had been selected in IIFT. That was a great feeling. I called up a few friends and told them the same.
I was satisfied and happy with my performance[IIFT GDPI] and was expecting a convert. I managed to get into the Delhi campus in the first list itself. But a bigger surprise was about to come. I had my FMS interview on 16th march.

[You can check it out on PG here ]

And here is the link for my IIFT GDPI experience:

I personally feel that I did well in both interviews. Especially in FMS, as I wasn’t asked your normal questions. I returned home on 18th morning, and decided to meet up with 2 of my best friends. We visited the Crossword bookstore which has recently opened in Durgapur. I bought 2 books and became a life time member. Awesome place for bookworms like me to chill out. Then I visited my friends place. Got an Sms from Anand saying that I had converted FMS. Its hard to describe how I felt after that. But it was definitely a great feeling. Especially when you are with your best friends. Called up Mom and told her the news. She didn’t believe that the result could come out so soon. Also saw that a few other people whom I know made it[Abhirup, Divya, Shashank, Abhishek, etc]. Now I shall have to go to Delhi soon to pay the fees. Session will probably start in July.

I would like to thank each and every one of you[including YOU the person who is currently reading this post] for supporting me in every way possible. If it weren’t for your backup I would have never made it so far. I hope I will have a great time at FMS and I wish each and every one of you all the best in your own ventures.
Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people[apart from my parents, relatives and few close friends] who were really helpful. This list is in no particular order.


Shashank The Doc Mod, Shruti ji, Neha Seth, Avneet-ji, Mayank, Rohit Awasthi, Pallavi Puri, Rito Da, Anand J, Siddarth, Dhiresh, Ashish, Appurv, Neha Chavan, Sakshi, Namita, Varnika, Varun Saxena, Anwesa, Akanksha, Bharadwaj, Rishabh, SKR, Subhankar, Krutika, Manjushaa, Priti, Arshdeep, Pallavi Kesarwani, Shruti Srivastava, Pooja Roy, Vikram, Shirsho, Lopa Mudra, Raghav, Avinav, Hari, Naga, Caartey, Gagan, Nishant, Pritesh, Ranjeet Pratap Singh, Tanveer Sir, Prem Sir, Keerthi, Adi, Abhishek Bhatia, Prerna and others.

College Friends:

Sourav Dey, Susant, Tripti, Vivek, Rittika, Satwati, Atreyee, Kuntal, Subhojit, Saptak, Ramit, Dhiraj, Arindam, Madhumita, Swati, Kunti, Binita, Lovelin, Supratik, Surajit, Manu, Amit, Ansuman, Debashis, Abhro, Arijita, Monodeep, Priyank, Pulkit, Rohit, Supriyo, Sukant, Sumit, Sangeeta, Swami Anand Prem, Shukla, Shreshta, Shashi, Satnam, Abhishek Adhikary, Sucharita, Sumit, Arijit, Aurko, Anirban Nandy, Saroj, Soumya, Soumen, Aniket, Samrat, and many more.

Sushmit, Jayanta, Sumit Pramanik, Saurabh Audichya, Praadnya, Ankita, Swapnil, and all my Facebook friends.

With this, my MBA season officially comes to an end. I am now a member of FMS[2011-2013 batch], and Delhi University. I am quite satisfied with my performance, even though I did not get a single IIM call.

Let my convert be a proof that even freshers with average acads[85 and 79 %] and an average profile can make it to the top Bschools. All the best to all of you.

Looking forward to meeting my fellow Batchmates and seniors at FMS. This is Satwinder, signing off. Good night and Happy Holi.


Prerna Munshi said...

Wow! There I am :)
Thanks for making me a part of your success story... All the best for everything...

Shilpa Suresh said...

Congrats Satwinder!! :)
I shall be your classmate, if I don't convert my IIMB call.

Monk Avant Garde said...

such a happy post
kamal kar diya satwinder ji :D
and i feel elated to see my name there :D ( i hope its mine :P)
and hopefully i will join you and we will be batchmates (great ones at that ;)
provided my waiting gets cleared :P

All the best in life bro
you are up for big things ;)

Sakshi Mathur said...

:) :) You are a handy person to call for an impromptu 'vote of thanks' speech!! :P
Very very happy for you!! MBA season is definitely over for you... but its only a beginning of another exciting season; hope you enjoy it thoroughly and in the process keep posting your experiences here! :)

appurvkathuria said...

sir jiii....congratulations once again.....and I tell u one thing.....even I saw ur FMS result as soon as it came and was about to call u, but then suddenly I saw that Nimesh Niar (crysis on PG) was rejected, so called him and then due to some work went out...:)

anyways...u really set an examples out for the whole freshers community who are top b-school aspirants(including me)...



Satwinder Singh said...

@Prerna: You know pretty well what an important role you have played. :)

@Shilpa: All the best for B. :)

@Sakshi: Well definitely keep posting my future experiences. As I said, getting into a Bschool is just the first step, thanks a lot. :)

@Appurv: \m/ dude. Am confident that both Nimesh sir and you will convert top calls next year. All the best. :)

Thє [SτσIc ™] said...

congrats once again dear .. you are surely an inspiration for freshers with average profiles ..

Praveen said...

Congratulations Satwinder.. i'm so happy for you especially considering the fact that fms is the most chilled out mba institute in the country .. rock on :)

Rito said...

congrats dude...and whatever your profile may be, you are no way average :)

GNUger said...

Satwindar, if u don't know I follow ur blog and recently went through this post of urs. Remember u said me once "i ll make a difference", well dude u actually did it. Awesome achievement

Aragorn said...

You do have a nice attitude... Congratulations on your convert and all the best on your new journey...!

Take charge.


Ryan Rahul said...

75 and 89 are average acads?? :(

Satwinder Singh said...

@Stoic: Thanks boss. :)

@Praveen: Hehe, thanks a lot. Hopefully will meet u in future. :)

@Rito: Hehe, thanks sirjee. :-)

@GNUger: Well, yes i remember that. But to be frank, I havent really made a difference Yet. But hopefully I will do so in future. :) am sure u will do something outstanding too. Thanks a lot.

@Aragorn: Thank you boss. :)

@Ryan: I think you mean 79 and 85. During your time they may have been good, but now they are considered strictly average.. ;-)

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