Thursday, May 30, 2013

Updates, Blah Blah!

Okay, some updates about me this time. For the past one month, I have been sitting at home, and doing nothing. Yes, idling my time, before I start my first official job, at BASF India. Will probably be shifting to Mumbai now. I liked the place during my 2 month stay during the internship, and hopefully the experience will be good again.

I was about to write a lengthy ‘All I wanted to say about MBA’ sort of post, but then decided against it. Dunno why exactly, but just didn’t feel like writing about my MBA experiences. After all, it’s the most hyped degree in India. Maybe I will write about it someday in the future. Then again, maybe not.

So what have I been doing the past month? Mostly, reading and watching stuff. Some books which I am spending time with include: Midnight’s Children by Rushdie, Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino, Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche, Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson, amongst others. Apart from this, I have been reading several blogs and other stuff online. And I admit I have wasted time going through several confessions page as well[mostly TCS, Infosys, Delhi Metro ones].

I only tried one new game in the vacation, and that was Dishonored. I wasn’t pleased with it. The game has got very good reviews, but I somehow felt it was too repetitive, and left playing after completing 3 missions. Am really looking forward to 2 games: Batman Arkham Origin, and GTA V. Other than that, my passion for gaming has taken an all time dip. My father is doing some research on the partition of Punjab [he even purchased a fat book on the same, I may read it too later].

I saw some good movies too. Identity, Dead Man Walking, Oldboy [Korean], Mulholland Drive, Kai Po Che [hated the ending though], to mention a few. Cant get enough of the suspense/thriller category. Identity in particular was a brilliant watch. I was kinda disappointed with Iron Man 3, mostly for the way they portrayed Mandarin. Really looking forward to Man of Steel now. Oh and I just read that Bryan Singer is making a new Xman movie[kinda a reboot],and surprise surprise- Cyclops is not included YET AGAIN. This seriously PISSED ME OFF. I mean come on now, give the man some credit. He is the leader of the Xmen after all, not some guest character with an occasional appearance. They way he was shown in the earlier movies was seriously very disappointing to say the least. And he has been ignored once more. I so wish some sensible director made a Cyclops:Origin movie for a change [We are getting tired of the repeated Wolverine crap].

As for tv shows, am just sticking to Game of Thrones. Though I must admit, I didn’t find Season 3 as good as the earlier 2. Still debating on whether or not to get the books.

Rest, I admit I am getting frustrated/depressed periodically. Maybe because I don’t have proper work to do. To add to this, my planned trip to the North East got cancelled too. I so need a vacation. But unfortunately I never get any company [blame my introvert nature and lack of friends for that]. And yeah, no friend here either.

Oh and yeah, am learning to cook as well. Just basic stuff, but an essential survival skill.

P.S.- I think its high time I shifted to Wordpress now.

P.P.S.- Its been raining here continuously for over a day now. Weather is super awesome.


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