Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday I turned 25. Is the number of any significance? I know not. I have been transferred to Gujarat, and it is my first time here. How am I feeling being at a new place, minus friends. Doing okay so far I guess. New people, new places, new work. Change is an indispensable part of life. If we refuse to accept it, we cannot progress. Pain and suffering shall lead to awakening and enlightenment. The more you struggle, the more shall you rise.

The desire to write has long been gone. For what is the world when you are all alone, encompassed by a solitude of sorrow? By why then should you need anyone else, when you have yourself? Why does it matter to you if the person you like is miles away? For you go to your grave isolated by everyone.

What is it that you truly desire? Why do you get out of your bed every day? Is there anything beyond normal conditioning? I dare say not.

But then you are all scared.


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