Sunday, May 11, 2014

What makes me Happy?

What can make you happy? Well, you will have to answer that yourself. But happiness is a state of the mind. Only you decide when you want to be happy.
Here are some of the things which make me happy: (the list is by no means Exhaustive):

1) Reading a good book
2) Having Choco Frappe at CCD, along with a friend
3) Whatsapping someone I like
4) Playing a good Video Game on my PS3
5) Watching a thriller or suspense movie
6) Reading good articles on a Blog
7) Seeing Superheroes battle to save the world from evil
8) Going out for an Evening walk (alone)
9) Talking to people I care about
10) Solving a tricky puzzle
11) Doing a good task in Office
12) Interacting with people
13) Eating my favourite dishes (usually Dosa or Idli)
14) Exercising
15) Visiting a Good book store
16) Observing other people
17) A visit to a Hill station
18) Writing Blog Posts
19) Playing a Game
20) Having a cool and refreshing drink in summer
21) Sleeping with a blanket in the chilly winter
22) Watching anime
23) Reading Manga
24) Sleeping
25) Motivating others

So you don’t need to be a genius in order to be happy. Live every moment to the fullest. This is your life, make the best out of it.


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