Sunday, April 5, 2015


Some random mutterings:

1. I had a freak accident while coming back home in an auto. The autowallah dashed a car, riding at full speed. Fortunately for me, I escaped with only minor bruises. Was really very lucky I guess.

2. Till date I have not been able to figure out why some (Note: Educated) Indian parents still cannot digest the fact that their son or daughter can chose his/her own life partner. Quite a few of them still insist that their wards should only get married to a person of their choice (Note- Same caste, religion, region, blah blah). While this might seem okay in an arranged marriage, I have witnessed real life instances of a person having a boyfriend/girlfriend, and being forced to get married to another person against his/her will. Something which you might feel only happened in movies so far. Come on parents, learn to be a bit more broad minded. It will only serve you well in future. Do not think that you are the best judge for your child in every circumstance.

3. Finally catching up a bit on my Japanese. Need to clear N5 this year. Have started practicing Kanji as well. As they say- Nihongo wa Omoshiroi desu ne (Japanese is interesting).

4. If you want to get inspired, you can watch movies such as Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, or the Samurai X live Action movie trilogy. They are really well made movies, with lot of effort gone into them. I love one scene in Street Fighter, where Akuma/Gouki trains in the Dark Hado path.

5. Job has become kind of repetitive and dull by now. I guess I need to focus more on where I am heading. They rightly say that most people are not satisfied with their corporate lives. It’s more like a struggle for existence.

6. Need to plan my first foreign trip. Hopefully Europe. Fingers crossed.

7. Finished reading Quiet. By Susan Cain. An excellent book on the power of introverts. A must read for anyone. Reading 4-5 other books currently.

8. Want to take up one sport this year. Inkling towards tennis or squash. But need to find the right venue.

9. Need to re-join the gym and lose some weight. Have really caught up on some inches on the mid-riff.

10. Want to buy a Bokken. No idea where I can get it in India though.


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