Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

Okay, as promised, time for my second movie review.

2) Terminator: Salvation:-

The fourth installment in the Terminator franchise. Starring Christian Bale(Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) as John Connor, in the lead role.

All right, here’s another confession. I am a very big fan of the Terminator series as well. So much so, that I have seen T2 at least 25 times, and T1 at least 15 times. And I never get bored by watching them. (All right I did not like T3 much, but hey that’s all right).

Now to begin with, T4 has one Major difference from its predecessors. Yeah, you guessed it right. NO ARNOLD. Period. Now here is a simple mathematical formula I have derived. Have a look.


That’s about it. The whole summary in short. The film is crap, and I suggest you don’t bother listening to people who say otherwise. The only reason I actually went to watch this film, was due to the TERMINATOR brand. There is absolutely nothing new or unique in the story. Looks very amateurish, and too banal. Not too many special sequences either. Yeah, we have a few dull robots(Oh, you call them Terminators? You had me fooled) firing everything from bullets to missiles, but that’s about it.

Oh yeah, one new edition is the Biker Robots, or terminators, duh. Rather like Street Hawk racing on a deserted road. Frankly, the story is all hotch potch and confusing. Really going nowhere. For example, for almost 30 mins or so, the Good guys(humans still alive) keep hunting the second hero human cum terminator Marcus (Sam Warthrington) even though Marcus is a good guy, but due to some bad miscommunication, and due to the fact he is part machine, they keep hunting him. Stupid and obnoxious, if you ask me. As if all the director wanted was to stretch the film a little more. They have literally destroyed TERMINATOR’s reputation.

To be fair, Bale does try to do his best, but falls well short of his splendid performance in the Dark Knight. The attitude and finesse of Arnold is clearly missing in him.

The ending is equally bogus. With John getting critically injured, and Marcus offering his heart(literally and NOT Otherwise) as a replacement for John’s. So John survives to fight another day. Happy ending, and the war goes on. Keep waiting for T5 to arrive. And hope you wont have to face T6.

P.S.- Its not true that there is absolutely NO Arnold in the film. Watch T4 to understand what I mean to say. But be ready for a surprise.

Final Rating:-

3 out of 10.

(Would have been 1 had it not been for Christian Bale[He should stick to being Batman] and Ahem..)

Watch it if you ABSOLUTELY have nothing else to do. Or better, go and watch Ben Hur again, instead. Trust me, you will feel better that way.


Jоқєя, ┼ЋЭ said...

Maybe a word about spoilers would be nice the next time xD;

sukant said...

A great thanks for the leading way i was about to waste my vital time in few seconds

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The review was hilarious.Dude lemme tell u something....this is a sequel so it's supposed to be that way.in my opinion,they should have stopped with just 2.Take any movie for that matter,you wouldn't find it's sequel too exciting esp when u have watched it's prequel/s too many times.There are few exceptions though and besides it's such a relief that christian bale donned the role of john connor and not that sick fellow from T3 again.

Animesh Ray said...

Haha... would agree to an extent. The movie is mostly crap, another Hollywood bullshit. Feel sorry for Bales though, he's too good an actor to be wasting in films like this.
And aha... should have warned against spoilers.

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