Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Xmen Origins: Wolverine

For a change, I decided to do two movie reviews, as I wanted to take a break from the so-called serious topics. Both are Hollywood movies, though I saw both of them dubbed in Hindi(in the Multiplex obviously), with my best friend, Amitabha.

1) Xmen Origins: Wolverine:-

Let me first make a frank confession. I am a die hard fan of the Xmen series, starting from the old cartoon series, the newer Xmen Evolution, and the movies. I simply find it irresistible. My favorite character is Cyclops, and I was very, I repeat very disappointed, to see his character destroyed ruthlessly in the films (especially the 2nd and 3rd ones). Come on, Cyclops is supposed to be the Team Leader, and not a sore loser as portrayed in the movies.

Anyways, let’s forget about Cyclops, and come back to the latest installment of Xmen, ie Wolverine. Wolverine is a controversial character no doubt, and also the most popular(am assuming on the basis of votes it has got across the world). So now we try to learn about this mysterious guys past, and how he became what he is today: a Psychopath assassin (okay, not really) laced with an Adamantium Exoskeleton, which literally makes him an unstoppable killing machine. But he wasn’t born with one(exoskeleton). Rather it was implanted in his body, by a certain William Stryker, some crazy General, whose task is to unite mutants into forming an army. Later , it is revealed that he hates mutants, blah blah. Forget him. His character is a waste.

Hugh Jackman, as the lead character, does a very decent role in the film. But frankly, that’s about it. No other character is worth mentioning. I personally did not like the role of Sabretooth( Viktor Kreed in the film) much. The action sequences are quite good, and surprisingly so are the emotional scenes. Wolverine’s first girlfriend(I have lost track of how many girls he has hooked with) is revealed in the movie. There are guest appearances by Cyclops, Gambit, Blob, Emma Frost, Charles Xavier, Deadpool, and some other less known mutants. But neither of them has a long role(though you will probably remember Gambit’s).

The movie is fast paced, and the action plentiful. Hey, haven’t I heard that statement somewhere before? Isn’t it applicable for every Hollywood action movie? Well, yeah, but erm, still, Wolverine is kinda different you see. I personally loved the Motorcycle scene, and the part where Jackman destroys the helicopter. There are other good fighting scenes, but on the whole, not much of a story to look forward too. Hey, pssst, did you know that Wolverine and Sabretooth are half-brothers? Well, I did, since I had bought a copy of the Origins comic book, way before the movie released. Lol.

There is no point in summarizing the story, as there isn’t much to say anyways. Oh, if you insist then: Shiny claws, Dracula jaws, bad odor , mind blowing action, Optic Blasts, Naked Waterfall jump, beheaded corpse. Erm that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong. The movie is definitely worth a watch. At least its much better than most of the crap movies coming out in Bollywood nowadays.

Anyways, here is my final score: 7.5 out of 10

Rating: Good, recommended for Die-Hard Wolverine/Xmen fans.

I know I am posting this at a late time, and most of you have already seen the movie, and I am assuming if you have not, you probably wont see it in the future either. But hey, its my first movie review. So bear with me.

In my next post I will review another movie. So see ya, till then.


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