Friday, January 8, 2010

Advertisements: Trivial

Well, for a change, I decided to make this post a short one.

Basically, its about advertisements or ADs, in short. I will review a few of them.

Recently I saw an AD in which a model dressed in a swim-suit comes out of water(onto a beach) in a provocative manner. The AD may have been suitable for some other purpose(though that may be strictly debated) but instead the AD was about a Cement company. Now what does a cement company have in common with a model in a swim-suit? Beats me, but you can ask the makers of the AD. No doubt it was a commercial disaster.

Another such AD showed some models(Non-Indian to say the least) taking off their clothes(Dont get too excited, not all of them) in slow motion, for what you might ask? To devour a new brand of Chocolate. One gets it poured all over her mouth.
Now how are the two acts related is beyond my imagination. It sure can turn many heads, glimpsing the scantily clad models, but is it actually promoting the chocolate sales in any way? I dont think so.

And lets go to two of my fav. ADs in recent memory.

One is the Max New York Life Insurance ad. Which depicts a guy being escorted by his parents inside a train compartment. In it, an independent girl is already seated and the poor guy is mollycoddled by his parents(Watch it if you havent already- the fun element will not remain if I type it out in english). But it is genuinely funny and original, no banality involved.

Second has to be the Tata Tea 'Jago' Campaign Ads. The first one was about interviewing a so called corrupt politician and encouraging the public(esp the youth) to cast their vote.
The second one was about taking and giving bribes, a nefarious act which should be stopped. (I particularly liked the saying- 'Woh Khatein hai kyunki unhe hum khilate hai')

Both of the above ADs were plain, good and appealed directly to the audience.

Anyways, I promised to keep this short. So adios, and keep reading. Thanks...


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