Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Resolutions for Earth's protection.

First of all, I would like to wish a very happy New Year to all of you. Hope you forget your old worries and rejoice in the awakening of 2010.

Here is a quote- ‘ An optimist is a person who waits till midnight for the new year to begin. A pessimist is a person who waits till midnight for the previous year to end.’

Okay, as promised here is a post for the common man, the everyday citizen of India.
I am sure many of you must have made New Year Resolutions, which on every count, you will eventually break(if you don’t, that’s excellent). But here are a few things you can do, to make life better not only for you, but for millions of others. Just close your eyes, and for a few minutes only, think of the underprivileged people. Think about those destitute people who do not even get to eat 2 meals a day. Obviously just thinking will not help them, or yourself. But you can certainly act for their sake. I am not saying to go and denote loads of money to charity (most such acts are just publicity stunts), but do something which will dispel global warming and prevent extreme climate change.

Here are a few things which anyone can do:

1) Switch off the lights and fans, when you are not in the room. I know this sounds a bit too repetitive, but the thing is most people don’t do it. They think that they will return to the room after half an hour, so why bother switching off the light. Some people keep the lights turned on even in the daytime. Why not simply open the windows and take advantage of Nature’s gift instead? Pure sunlight also has many other benefits. Just by switching off the fans and lights on a daily basis, you can save a huge amount of energy (and reduce your electricity bill as well).

2) Avoid using equipments that use too much electricity. For example, Air Conditioners, Geysers, Computers, etc. Minimize their usage. Unfortunately most people keep the A.C. running throughout the day during summer, and I don’t even have to say how much time the modern day youth spends in front of the computer. In this case laptops are a tad better, if they are operated via battery. Try using alternatives for the A.C. For example, there are special cooling fans available, along with items which keep your house cool.

3) Try to minimize water wastage as well. Most of us have the habit of letting the tap water run(and get wasted) while we are brushing, shaving, etc. Moreover, an average person wastes too much water while bathing. That does not mean we should become unhygienic and stop bathing. It only means we should be a bit frugal, while consuming water. Remember, there are millions of people who do not even get clean water to drink, let alone bathe. Avoid taking long showers. Do not keep the tap open un-necessarily. If you see water over-flowing anywhere, do try to close the tap/minimize the leakage. Don’t just remain a mute spectator, thinking that it’s not your responsibility.

4) Start walking more, instead of using that motorcycle/car for every small purpose. It’s good for your health, and will also minimize pollution. Nowadays, the young people have a tendency of flaunting their possessions like bikes and cars. Many a time, they simply go off for joy rides along with their friends. This not only wastes petrol and money, but is also pernicious for the environment. Try utilizing car pools for reaching your destination. Or better still, use public transport (I know the condition, but still).

5) Finally, this is one thing which few of us bother to do. Recycling waste products. If you can’t do it yourself, distribute such waste products to the concerned Waste Management Agency in your town/city. Do not litter away trash anywhere you like, especially plastic. Moreover, try to avoid wasting paper. Most of us do not think twice before doing so. Do not buy too many copies or exercise books at once. Try to make each copy last for a long time. If your handwriting is too big, try to make it small, so that you don’t have to rush off to buy a new exercise book after every few days. Similarly, avoid wasting food and other non-durable items.

6) Donate your old clothes to the needy. Do not waste food, and eat healthy, organic materials (cultivating them will be excellent) if possible. Try planting more plants(trees), and avoid burning excessive wood during winter.

I could keep on going on and on, but its better to do things one step at a time. Start small, but carry on with what you started. If you follow the basic steps above, I can assure you that our planet will be very grateful. We can still avoid catastrophe, by doing our bit. Remember, no problem is too small or too big. There is always a solution. Do not think that the things I mentioned are too trivial, and that everyone knows them. Knowing is not enough, and as the Martial Artist Bruce Lee remarked, ‘We must do.’

Take care, citizens of India and the world. Let us join hands to make the world a better place to live in, for all.


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