Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sadistic Individual Part 2

Ahem, I am finishing this post just for the sake of finishing, cause I dont have the necessary inspiration to post about sadism, AT PRESENT.

Where Was i? I even forgot the context, thanks to Eweek. Hmmm, after being National champions yet again, who cares to write about sadism.

But all said and done, a certain amount of sadism and masochism exists in every human being. Take ragging for example. Most people consider it as an innocuous act, designed to break the ice between seniors and juniors. Rather, it breaks everything(bones for eg) but the ice. If this is not sadism, then what is? We enjoy watching other people get humiliated. We take delight at other people's pain. But when we are at the receiving end, we expect others to show pity on us. This thought is pathetic. Beating or hurting someone else, gives us a kind of temporary pleasure, hard to define in words. It gives us a feeling of superiority, of power. That we have the power to inflict damage upon others. Never mind the fact that the 'other' is just a helpless victim unable to defend himself.

Then again comes the ego problem. 99% of all guys I have met suffer from it. They refuse to budge from their view-point under any circumstance. Even if they are wrong, they refuse to admit it. Pride to a certain extent is okay, but beyond that its only plain hubris. Ego and Sadism are linked as well. People with extremely high egos tend to be more sadistic. Plus the general thought is, 'If I have to go down, I will take him/her down with me.' Which is very stupid, according to me.

More often than not, a sadistic individual ends up hurting both another person and himself. Though at the time of committing the act, he does not realize it. Many a time, he ends up repenting when its too late. By the help of meditation and yoga, one can learn to control his emotions. The one thing to keep in mind is, 'Never act on immediate impulse.' Ie what we call as Josh. Its always better to be slow, calm and rational, rather than fast and fallacious. When the feeling of causing others harm rises, suppress it immediately. You can try thinking of the ramifications of committing that act.

For example, you have recently had a break up. But that girl is still on good terms with you. However, the sadistic individual rises inside you, and you want to send her a volley of slangs, parceled in a sms, or email. Before you realize it, you have clicked on the send button, and its too late to amend your nefarious act. Now she even stops talking with you, and ignores you. Making the situation even worse than before. Learn to gain self control.

Thats all for now. Looking forward to Aarohan 2010. :)


Prateek Wanna be Eloquent!!!!! said...

nice post made me realize my mistakes in the past :(.had i been a bit more sensible and rational i wud have saved myself frm committing those errors

Satwinder Singh said...

@Prateek: all of us humans, and all humans commit errors.

But the important thing is to realize our mistakes, move on, and not repeat them in future. Such a thing has happened with me as well. And I regret it. But I cant keep on blaming myself forever. Life goes on. :)

Anonymous said...

This article truly is an eye-opener.Life is so fast but we must pause and ponder over our actions at times.As u rightly said,ego and sadism are 2 sides of the same coin.Even the good people among us fall prey to it at some point of time or the other.We do or say unconsionable things in a fit of rage or out of frustration which we end up regretting later on.The key is to learn the lesson and move on.

Satwinder Singh said...

@Manjushaa: Exactly, but unfortunately the thing which should be done is seldom actually done.

Still we must not give hope, but keep trying to fight the evil inside us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Satwinder, I ve been reading some of yr posts for some time and found them to be very interesting and sensible, This post also qualifies in the same catagory!

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