Saturday, February 20, 2010

What makes it Right- The Change we Need.

Okay, today I am officially 21, and I can legally marry now. :), jokes apart, let me continue with this post. Dont worry, it wont be too long.

I want to discuss about what makes me really happy, and what makes me frustrated. Lets start with the happy part. What makes me really happy? Its watching other people follow their passion, and do something which will not only benefit them but others as well. For example, I have personally seen many students who have got the realization as to what their real interest is, and what they want to do in life.

I have met two of my college juniors who are quite enthusiastic about their passion. One is Satnam Singh, who loves making electrical models, which are quite good, trust me. The guy is an expert when it comes to dealing with machines, electrical or otherwise. And he never gives up, till he completes a project. Plus he is always ready to do something good and big. And he loves interacting with both seniors and juniors. I am quite sure that he will do something great in life, since he has married his first love- electrical and electronics engineering. :)

The second is Avishek Adhikari, a total computer genius. From Web Development, to Image Manipulation, to Photoshop, to Java and C++ programming, and ethical hacking. What not. He loves experimenting with things, and he does so quite beautifully. Its hard to express that in words. He will probably do great in the I.T. line. Any company will fight to keep him. But he may even become a talented entrepreneur. Reason- He follows his passion with utmost dedication.

I salute both of them, and thousands of others who are following their passion. For these are the people who will be really successful. And not those who are blindly running after money and jobs.

To end with a popular quote- ' Follow your passion. Pursue Knowledge. And success will surely follow.'


Reet~hamesha dil k kareeb rhna said...

quite impressing thought.hope u succeed in spreading these thots all ovr in evrbdy's wud make a gr8 change then n wd create a real difference.n bro nw u r legalalised 4 marriage so have a look on dat phase also ;)

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