Monday, March 8, 2010

Something Unique!


Well, I was about to write a detailed post on the Ethical Hacking workshop which I attended at NIT, Durgapur, which was conducted by Mr. Sunny Vaghela(Professional Hacker and Director of Techdefence), but I changed my mind. I decided that I did not want to write technical blog posts. That’s a bit ironical, coming from a guy pursuing CSE.

Anyways, rather I will be focusing on myself, after a while. Often I think or ratiocinate- is their anything special, or unique about myself? I have met many persons having extra-ordinary talents, be it in the field of dancing, singing, writing, hacking, speaking, etc. And every now and then I wonder- Do I have any special skills which other people do not have(at least the majority)? Can I boast that I am uniquely adroit and dexterous? Or am I just a common, average human being with no USP whatsoever.

After a lot of mind scratching, I have settled down on two basic things(rest are too personal to disclose here, am sorry). I will be writing about both of them in detail. And both of them are related to celerity. If you feel that I am just boasting about myself, just try to bear it. But I promise to be veracious.

First is my typing speed. I can type at a speed of over 100 wpm[WORDS PER MINUTE]. Though that’s not a very big deal(you can test your typing speed using a software for the same, or even online) but I feel that’s my USP, and I can safely get over 99 percentile in a National Practical Typing Test competition. Hehe. Perhaps the Government or a Private Company, or even an Institution should launch such an event. In case you get to know about any typing event, do contact me please. Just in case you were interested to know, the World record for typing is around 172 WPM.

Now you might say- ‘What’s so great about your typing speed? And even if it’s so fast, so what?’ Do you want to be a clerk or typist or something? Well, it’s nothing much obviously. Its not a very great talent or something. It’s just one of my abilities. But here’s the catch- Till date I have not met a single person who can type faster than I can. Feel that you can beat me? Go measure your typing speed in any legitimate software and then report it to me.

Moreover, I can type without looking at the keyboard at a speed of around 80 wpm. And I can even type with my eyes closed at an amazing accuracy of over 95 percent(ie very few spelling mistakes). Think you can beat all of that? You are free to try.

Now for my second ability- My Reading Speed. I told you before- both of my special abilities have to do with speed. I can read at an average reading speed of over 800 wpm. That is to say that I can finish an average newspaper editorial within 2-3 minutes. Most people will take anywhere between 10-15 mins to do the same. Though, here I must say that to read a passage very carefully, I have to slow down, and my speed falls to around 550 wpm. I am not estimating or guessing my speed, I have actually measured it using a stopwatch. In the Worst case, when I am reading a very boring and dull article[In my case it can be PURE Politics or anything related to Biology], and I am told to retain whatever has been said, my reading speed may fall to 350-400 WPM. A person who does not read too much has an average reading speed of 200 WPM. People from non-english background schools usually have a lower reading speed of around 150 WPM. A person who reads something(it can be a newspaper or magazine also) everyday will usually have a reading speed of around 300 WPM. In comparison to that, I, a self-confessed bookworm have a decently high reading speed.

And just in case you are curious, I have to read(its an addiction) at least 2 books(not fully obviously), 2 magazines and 2 newspapers everyday. But I would not advise anyone else to do the same(ie become a book-worm). You should give equal emphasis on sports and extra-curriculars as well.

Anyways, I shall end it here now. Enough self-boasting done, lol. Thanks again, guys and gals, for reading my posts.


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