Monday, March 15, 2010

A visit!


Yeah I admit I have not been blogging much. Anyways, this is a trivial post. I visited an engineering college last week. Now you might say whats so great about that? Especially since there are thousands of (mostly useless) engineering colleges in our country. But then I am writing this just out of fun. Read away: I decided to visit the college canteen at around 3 pm, to have my lunch. The following is the dialogue which took place between me and a man(who takes the order).

I: Excuse me, what is available?

Man(In a Shocked and Bewildered Expression) : You mean to Eat??

I(To Myself): To eat? What do people come to canteen for? Oh I forgot, its for having gossips, spreading rumours, cracking silly jokes, and playing Counter Strike on their laptops(a Team was firing away to my left).

I(aloud): Yes, something to eat. What is available?

Man : I don't know. Let me go inside and check. [Goes inside. I decide to follow him]

[Inside the kitchen]:

Man: Hey, what food is available now?

Cook[With an annoyed and dull expression]: Nothing. Chow is finished, and plates need to be washed.

Man: Oh. Okay. [And walks away without even giving me a second glance]

I go to the man and repeat my question.

Man: Sorry, we do not have anything. Please come back after Half an hour.

[45 mins later]

Man: Sorry, but we only have tea. We are getting the food ready. Cook is chopping vegetables, and is ready to fry pakoras. Please return in an hour.

[One hour later]:

I stand in front of the canteen gate, which has a rusted 'Link' Lock on it.

My Thoughts: @^@#$*^&#@$^*#@^$*&#@$^&*...............

Here is another conversation with a student and myself:

Student: Excuse me, you are from which college?

I: ...........

Student: Okay, are you enjoying our Fest?

I: So and so..

Student: Please be frank. The fest is disastrous and boring, is it not?

I: [blank expression]

Student: Would you care to join us for a round of Marijuana?

I: [Shocked, thinking that I had lost my hearing ability] Err, what did you say?

Student: Don't you smoke weed? Want to join us?

I: [recovering somewhat] No, I don't.

Student: [smiles broadly and leaves]

My Thoughts: #@!^&$@!#%$&#@!^$&#@&$#@&@&#$@ ..........................

Needless to say, I had a pretty harrowing experience that day. Anyways you do get to meet and interact(though not always willingly) with different people though.


Krutika said...

hehe... thats exactly wat happens in many degraded engg. colleges (saying that i dont want to comment on my college now :D)
only the weed part will be missing in my college...

Satwinder Singh said...

@Krutika: Lolz, would like to hear some tales of your college. :D

Yep, its a common scenario, throughout the country. Money hungry businessmen are opening colleges in the name of promoting education cum knowledge. Sigh!

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