Monday, October 25, 2010

Are Live-In Relationships Immoral?

Okay, I will keep this post short. For a change, instead of giving my opinion, I would like to know Your opinion on this controversial topic.

But before you give your views[via replies to this post], do read the following Letter published in the Hindu, a few days ago. Its typed Verbatim.

' It may appear that live-in relationships offer women a lot of freedom but they actually give them no security. It is the duty of the elders and society to guide young girls in the right direction lest society become corrupt and dirty. The Indian marriage system is the best and any attempt to go against it will have grave implications for our morals and peaceful lifestyle. '

This letter was written in response to the recent Hullabaloo going on in the Supreme Court regarding Live-in relationships and allowances[including the misuse of the word 'Keep']. But my question is, if two people decide not to marry and stay together under one roof, is it corrupting our society and making it dirty, as the gentleman says in his letter?

If you are reading the above post, I would request you to post a reply, stating your views on the topic. Thanks in advance.


lala said...

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kanik said...

I do not know whether to call live-in relationships are immoral or not as i am not GOD and do not wish to act like one. It is true that each individual has a right to take a decision as to with whom he/she wishes to spend the rest of his life with. But God has made marriage to allow two people to come together not just physically but also mentally and to walk together in the same directin and work towards common goals.
Live in relationships on the other hand are relationships of convenience. Anything new that has come up and challenges the Indian value system has always fascinated us. When this concept came into being then many youngster and the so called-proponents defined a live-in-relationship only in terms of hassles faced by them in marriage. THey said that in marriage, if anything goes wrong, the divorce law and process is very cumbersome and is not smooth enough to allow individuals to settle disputes amicably. another perception was that how can I marry a total stranger, whom my parents have chosen for me. I need to live with him/her and see to it whether the man/woman is suitable for me or not. after living with the man, I can decide as to whether the man/woman is suitable for me or not. yet another perception among the propeents of this kind of relatioship is that I am madly in love with my partner but I wish to get a know-how of what living together is.

All these views are just created for convenience. My take on this entire matter is that you can never judge or experiment with matter as each partner goes through a sea change after marriage. before marriage, since partners are living apart, so they feel for each other and long for partnership. But when one marries, after honeymoon, comes responsibilites which the young generation feels are too much in comparison to their age. There is responsibility of carrying a family together and being a part of it and yet continue loving each other. THere are adjustments to be made for not just the partner but also for the family. Today, as the young generation is financially independent so they feel that since they are financially independent so what else do they need. not many feel that way but a majority feels the same.

Regarding the issue of alimony for live-in, I have to say that if the live-in relations allow any individual to move out of the reationship, if he/she is not satisfied, then how come the demand for an alimony arises. If the court stil approves for an alimony, then is the woman genuinly needing the alimony as she is not financally independent or is she demanding it for the sake of creating some kind of a relationship with her ex to show to the world that the man did not care for the relationship, is an evil and by demanding an alimony she is a sort of creating a status equivalent to a wife.

what about children who are born out of this relatioship. if even after some time of child birth the parents are together but say after the child is 5 years or so the man leaves the woman or the woman leaves the man, what impression will it have on our children? We should not be selfish just for the sake of our own enjoyment but should think in terms of the society as a whole and the children especially.

i hope these views are not derogatory. If tommorow people start liking opium because it has the western stamp for it, will we still accept drug addiction in our society. so it is high time that we think before we accept things for our convenience

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