Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Games I have Played in 2010

Okay guys, this is my 75th Blog post. Hurray! Cheers! Pass the Lemon Soda. Okay, that’s enough. Its been a long journey so far[over 1.5 years] and I would like to Thank all those patient people who took out their time to go through my blog. Thanks a lot guys. Hope you keep wasting your time like this, erm keep reading my posts like this. :)

In this post, I will not write anything. But I will simply list the games which I have played this year[2010]. Some of them rocked, some were damn good, and some were pityingly lame. Gaming has always been a big passion for me[am an avid gamer for the past 10 years] and its also a Billion Dollar industry. So here goes nothing.

In No Particular Order:

1. Mass Effect: [Action RPG]- 9 out of 10. Excellent Space Adventure.

2. Mass Effect 2:[Action RPG]- 9.5 out of 10. Outstanding. Just go and play it. Period.

3. Gears of War[Action]-7/10. Highly over-rated. Alien fighting. Not My Type.

4. Assassin’s Creed 2[Action, Adventure]- 9/10. Quite good. Lots of improvement over its predecessor. And it has Leonardo Da Vinci.

5. Prototype[Action,Superhero]-5/10. Great gameplay marred down by Repetitive Levels. Poor storyline for what could have been an Awesome Superhero game.

6. Ninja Blade[Action]- 4/10. I installed this one only because I Love Ninjas. And it still disappointed. Frustrating controls, add to that you cannot save in between levels[which take anywhere between 2-3 hours to complete], with 4-5 bosses you need to keep fighting. In short, avoid.

7. Batman Arkham Asylum[Action, Superhero, Tactics]- 9.9/10. This game is Perfect. If you like Batman, there is No way in Hell you can afford to miss this one. If you don’t like Batman, there is still No way in Hell you can afford to miss this one. Great graphics, awesome Gameplay, Fantastic storyline, Superb Moves, Adroit techniques, what more do you need?

8. Matrix, Path of Neo[Action]- 8/10. This is a rather old game[was released in2 005], but I played it only recently. And I liked it. It has nice action moves, and it’s a must for All Matrix fans. Non-matrix fans-better avoid it.

9. Saboteur[GTA Clone]- 5/10. Yet another of those GTA clones. This one is set in 1940s Paris. Which has been taken over by the Nazis. You need to do stupid jobs like blowing their hideouts or racing in antique cars. This game has great graphics, but I found it very boring. Nothing exclusive or special about this one. And some missions are too hard.

10. Dragon Age Origins[RPG]- 9/10. Twenty-Five hours of gameplay, and still counting. You can play this game for 100 hours and still manage Not to complete it. This is purely fantasy based, and has lots of things similar with LOTR, Elders Scroll, Neverwinter Nights, Wheel of Time, and so on. Still the gameplay is very addictive. The only [major] problem with this game is the camera angles which are frustrating to control[Yes you need to change them manually].

11. Desperados 2[Strategy-Wild West]- 7.5/10. This is a sequel to the Highly acclaimed strategy game Desperados which was released way back in 2001, yet boasted of Great graphics and superb gameplay. Now it even includes a Third person view. The game is good, but the story is very poor, and there is not much to do in a mission. If you don’t like Cowboys, avoid this one.

12. Prince of Persia- the Forgotten Sands[Action, Adventure]- 7/10. The Prince is back, into the ravages of the sands. Now he needs to battle sand monsters, Djinns and more. The Prince has quite a few new moves, including the Ability to Freeze water and to Teleport. However this game Doesn’t even pretend to have a story. Which is hugely disappointing considering the impeccable storyline of the earlier Prince Trilogy[sands of time, warrior within and the two thrones]. Throughout the game, you need to run after you brother, and in the end you fight him and kill him. That’s all there is for the story. The action and maneuvers however are superb.

13. Prison Break Conspiracy[Action, Tactics]- ?/10. To be honest, I just played this game for a few times, and then deleted it. My friend remarked it’s a great game, but I found the controls Horribly frustrating. Everything else about the game seems to be okay, so I will try it again in future someday.

14. Civilization V [Strategy]- 2/10. I cant believe how people find this game to be so good[it got a 9.2 rating on Gamefaqs]. Its horribly lame. Doesn’t even come close to the Age of Empires series. Its even worse off than Age of Mythology[which was released way back in 2002]. You just choose a hero[Gandhi for India], build a civilization, form pacts, and just sit around trying to figure out inane ways of keeping your population happy. That’s it. Just forget this game.

I may have played a few more, but can’t recollect as of now. Will not be playing much for the next few months[due to MBA exams], but will probably try my hand out at Crysis 2[releases next year], Max Payne 3, and Metal Gear Solid 5[which will hopefully release for the PC this time]. Until them, keep rockin, Gamers.


Abhid-d said...

Congrats, Satwinder on the platinum jubilee. Your frequency of posting doesn't affect their quality. I too started my blog half a year back, but I've written just 7 posts so far.

I just don't get the time. BTW I just uploaded a photo.

As for games, give me Pac-Man anyday. I'm not exactly a fan of first-person shooter games. Pac-Man is THE real test of your mental agility, decision making and reflexes.

Others are arkanoid and good old Tetris.

The thing with first-person shooters is that over a period of time you can memorize the "episode" or sequence of events. So the fun is lost. That's not the case with 2-d games like pac-man or tetris. Every game is a new adventure.

Satwinder Singh said...

@Abhid_d: Thanks a lot buddy. And your comments are the best I have received in my blog. And your feedback is excellent.

About Gaming, there is no doubt that Tetris and Pacman are two of the most popular games of all times. The Top Slot goes to of course, the Mario Franchise. :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Okay buddy! You seem to be quite an active Game-addict, actually you are lucky I haven't played one single since 4 years! MBA sucked up, and thn it's the work now which is sucking up more! Okay no more cribbing here, that was quite a detailed post! :)

And I haven't seen you around on my blog, ever?

Romeo Das said...

I was a game freak too when I was in my 9 and 10! I remember playing Max Payne and Hitman all day long. These two were my favorites! Thanks for sharing this post man! :)

Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post - When love calls

Take care :)

Satwinder Singh said...

@Sourav: Have visited your blog, nice one. :)

@Romeo: I remember those very clearly as well. In fact Hitman series was also one of my favs. Will def visit your blog, thanks for the reply. :)

Anonymous said...

I was a huge AoE fan till i played Civilization 4. Civilization and AoE are 2 different Genres. Civ is turn based strategy while AoE is real time strategy. While AoE is mainly about gathering resources and building armies Civ offers a lot more depth when it comes to building an Empire. Yes, the learning curve for Civ is steep, I too dint like it initially, but when you get involved in the game you realise that it has so much to offer.

But my fav strategy game has to be Medieval 2:Total War. It has gorgeous graphics and an amazing gameplay. It involved true strategy -- on the battlefield and on the empire building front. Its sorta midway between AoE and Civ. Again, has a steep learning curve but definitely shows the way strategy games should be made.

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