Monday, April 30, 2012

Once upon a time in Mumbai

So, where do I begin from? So many things have happened in the last two weeks, that I am unsure with what to start. Okay, lets start with the basics. I am doing my summer internship[which is compulsory for any bschool student btw], in Tata Motors, situated out of Mumbai. Have been in Mumbai for just 2 weeks but have already fallen in love with it. There is just so much to explore. I have not seen much, but did visit a few locations such as Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Imax Dome theatre[saw Avengers in 3D yesterday] to name a few. Tons of things left to be done[apart from work]. Internship is going good, and the corporate environment is awesome at Tata Motors. Everyone here is very friendly, and you actually get encouraged to try out something new and take initiatives. Broadly speaking, am working on a corporate HR project related to Training and development. Made a few new friends out here, namely Debo(XIM-B), Rachit and Twisam[don’t ask me how it is pronounced] from XLRI, Megha from SIMS. All of them are pretty unique and fun to hang out with. I shifted to Wilson College hostel, and met Rito Da[also from XLRI] here. In fact, I have already met at least 10-12 people from XLRI itself. I also visited Pune for 2 days, as a part of an official trip. Met Amitabha there, who took my for a ride on his bike across the city. Saw Osho’s ashram and visited Phoenix Mall. Pune is pretty well maintained[it was my first visit to the city], clean and good. Would love to be here again. The trip to Elephanta caves[with Rito Da, Twisam and Jishnu Da] was also remarkable, more so for the hour long steamer/launch ride to the place than the actual location itself[hilly area]. You almost have to trek all the way to the top. The caves themselves are pretty ordinary, and you may not want to hang there for long. Met Divya there too, who was gracious enough to give me another book to read. The food here is a bit different than I am accustomed to, but so far didn’t really face any problems. Mumbai, as they say is a night city, and only truly comes to life post midnight. At least the crowd is pretty vibrant enough. I have to do a lot of shopping for the time being. But feeling too lazy to step out in the heat. Maybe later. For now, adios.


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