Monday, June 18, 2012

New Friends

A lot of things have happened since the time I last posted[nearly two months ago]. I know I took a long break. It wasn’t as if I was very busy with work or something, but just that I lost inspiration to write something. I did try a few times to be honest, but somehow could not continue beyond the first paragraph. Nevertheless, I did have a wonderful time in Mumbai, thanks to my internship stint with Tata Motors. I got the perfect start to the corporate world exposure as one could say. In my next post, I shall describe my internship experience in detail. However, this post I dedicate to my new friends which I made after coming to Mumbai. First of all, I would like to thank all my co-interns and guides at Tata Motors. It was really an awesome experience. So let me take some time to thank some of the friends without whom this experience would have been insipid to say the least.

1) Dibyaroop Padhi aka Deboo (XIM-B): My initial room-mate. Extrovert, fun loving, great guy to hand out with. Very unselfish, and has a very strong, positive personality. I am pretty sure that nobody who has spoken to him can forget him. Plus a master of multiple languages, having stayed at almost all locations in India. Is also good in Chinese and French. Easily mixes around with others, and talks casually even with the blue collar workers as if they were best friends. I was highly impressed by the way he handles people. Just cut down a bit on drinking dude, and you will surely go places. And did I mention he is an automobile engineer and expert? Has also worked with General Motors.

2) Rachit Bijalwan (XLRI) : My second room-mate[at Wilson college hostel]. The first impression I got of him was pretty normal. Later got to know that he is from the merchant navy and has travelled almost across the entire world. He keeps getting occasional bursts of laughter. And once he starts laughing, he wont stop. Loves posing for photographs. Could not manage to finish one book in two months. Hard working, can work for hours at a stretch, same goes for watching movies or HIMYM. Is quite argumentative in nature and loves having debates of all kinds, even when it’s not required. Loves to hang around with friends. Does not drink. Great camera man. Wish you all the best for the future dude.

3) Megha Pathak (SIMS Pune): The only female friend that I made in Mumbai. She always has a smile on her face, even while she is angry[which is pretty rare]. Beautiful, intelligent and smart. She has a charm in her personality even while she is working. Loves dozing off during lectures. Is highly calorie conscious. Loves having fun with friends, and visiting new places. Has been at Infosys before joining SIMS. And she knows pretty good Punjabi as well. Awesome company to be with. And kept teasing me on a host of issues which she found very funny. Is a movie/food buff. I hope you have a blast in the coming years. Hattori Hanzou style.

4) Twisam Datta (XLRI): Can you pronounce his name right? Well, its TEE-SHAM. Everybody makes fun of his name. This guy is a glutton. Can eat almost a kg of chicken in one go. Is a huge fan of non veg food. Very particular about his eating habits. Like a true bong,loves visiting different places, and with him I explored some parts of Mumbai. I could relate a lot to him, as he is a fresher, from Bengal, and also from the same university which I was in[WBUT]. Plus he is a guy who loved to work and complain. Frankly and honestly speaking, I really enjoyed your company. Hope you have a gala time at XL.

5) Anivesh Kumar (IIM L): This guy is a national level acrobat. Initially I didn’t speak much with him, but thanks to the Pune plant trip, got to know him better. Is somewhat of an introvert and shy person. Does not speak much, but is quite hard working and has a pretty good character. I just wish you would open a bit more dude. All the best.

6) Kumar Mayank (IIM L): Another Hell guy. Really bindaas, extrovert, fun loving dude. Is very friendly, confident,and always helps others. Don’t think I will ever forget him. Don’t take too much tension, have fun in Hell,man. Really respect your courage and effort.
Would also like to thank Abhay, Himanshu,Abhishek,KP, Rishob and many more for providing decent company. Special thanks to Rito Da,aka first_timer[on PG] whom I came to know better here in Mumbai. The next post will describe my two months stay at Mumbai. Stay tuned.


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