Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Reading, Gaming, Movies

Making this a simple Review post, of the 3 things I love to indulge in: Reading, Movies and Gaming.

Lets start with the serious one, Reading:

1) Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson- Brilliant book. Shows the positive and negative side of Steve Jobs. The charismatic leader, perfectionist, reality-distorter, marketer. Must read. 9/10

2) Losing my Virginity, by Richard Branson- Autobiography. Really well written. Loads of examples. Another must read. 8.5/10

3) The Creation of Wealth, by R.M. Lala- It’s a history of the Tatas from its start till 2003. Includes stuff such as Air India, IISc Bangalore, Taj Hotel, and several Tata industries. Really good book, but not for those who are seeking a fun novel. 8/10

4) Cosmos, by Carl Sagan- It’s a book on the universe. Astronomy, and life. What makes the earth special. Is time travel possible? And many other important mysteries. Based on the popular tv series. 9.5/10.

5) The Bourne Dominion, by Eric Van Lustbader- The only fiction novel I have read recently. Pretty good one for a time pass. Jason Bourne at his best as usual. The ending could have been better though. 7.5/10

Now, lets move on to Movies:

1) The Avengers- Pretty good movie. Showcases some of Marvel’s major superheroes. This was a light movie though. Load of humor, and good special effects. Has been one of the highest grossers in the box office till date. I loved Iron Man’s role the most. 9/10

2) The Amazing Spiderman- Reboot of the Spiderman series. Quite un-necessary according to me. Andrew Garfield looked like a clown[and acted like one] in the movie. The lizard was one of the most bogus villains I have ever seen. Story was incredibly poor. Overall- 4/10

3) The Dark Knight Rises- Good end to the triology. Could have made the ending better. I would have preferred one more villain to be there[like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy or the Riddler]. Bane isn’t really that big a villain. And there is very little of Batman in the movie[I guess just 15-20 mins], but then again this film isn’t just about Batman. Action sequences were pretty good though. Overall- 8/10

Finally, its gaming:

1) Metal Gear Solid 3: Action/Strategy, This game, though pretty old[2006] is a part of the epic MGS series. The best part about it is the James Bond like storyline[including the title song], and a range of special characters. I absolutely loved every second of it. Snake at his best once again. The ending scene is one of the best ever I have witnessed for any games. Enough to bring tears of respect to almost any fan. Now the agonizing wait for MGS 4 begins[till I purchase a PS3]. Overall- 9/10.

2) Mass Effect 3: RPG/Action- The end of the Mass Effect triology. Got hugely criticized for its ending. However, the game on a whole is pretty good, with impressive gameplay, graphics and a decent storyline. It does get repetitive in parts though. But who doesn’t want to see Commander Shepard in action though? Overall- 8/10

3) Max Payne 3- Action- A game which was in the making for over 8 years. It was delayed again and again and again, and finally released. Was it worth the wait? Yes, it was. Max Payne is back, and he is badder and meaner than ever. No longer a NYPD cop, but a bodyguard of a businessman in South America, he is in a foreign land where crime and corruption is rampant. Can Max make it? The title music track[Tears by Health] is brilliant. The gameplay is superb. Though one wonders how Max Payne single handedly takes on hundreds and hundreds of villains and still makes it out in one piece. Story is pretty good as well. Overall: 8.5/10

P.S.- I almost feel like playing Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City after watching DKR. They were pretty good games too.
Anyways till next time.


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