Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where do I go from Here?

Okay, am sitting in the computer center of South Campus[FMS Block]. Our class on Strategy has been cancelled, and there is still some time left for an HUL session to begin. So I decided to kill time by reading Fooled by Randomness, and by writing this article. Since I do not have any specific stuff to write about, and since I am reading about random events, I decide to write some random stuff here.

Yes, my gmail accounts and Facebook is open. Yes, I am thinking about how I should follow my passions. I see Nikhil Sandhir passing time by playing Temple Run on his mobile. While Raveesh Mayya types away rapidly on his Macbook Air, multi-tasking like a wizard. Dickens is on my right, and is working on some Finance project I have no clue about.

Karthik Junnuri pats me on the back and leaves, unaware that I am typing all this. Suddenly I remember that today an important Naruto manga episode is about to release. Karthik returns and tells me that yesterday was World Anger day. And that he had nobody to vent his anger on except for Satwinder.

Some guys are eating in the canteen. Others are just chattering about. The weather is good, but it has been raining cats and dogs in Delhi for the past few days. The streets are all clogged with water, but on the positive note, weather has become pleasant. I feel optimistic but also confused. Sometimes the same old feeling of-‘Why am I doing what I am doing’, returns.

Aashish Kumar asks me if I am chatting with my girlfriend. Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t have one. And I wonder whether I should have one or not. Still undecided whether a single life is better than a committed one. What is Love like really?

This semester is a bit hectic, mostly due to college work[outside academics]. But for a change am liking almost all the subjects I have taken[marketing and HR]. Thank God for no Finance or economics. Can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Am spending my free time by watching Smallville and reading stuff. Music also helps, and so does walking. Superman is one character which has inspired me like nobody else. Don’t get time for gaming nowadays though. Nevertheless, glad to spend the remaining 6 or 7 months in North campus.

Where do I go from here?


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