Friday, October 19, 2012

Closing Down

Okay, I admit it. I have been thinking of closing down my blog now. Maybe because I do not get the time to write as freely as I used to,or maybe cause I just lost inspiration sometime down the way. Nevertheless, here is one more post.

Things I have been doing lately:

• The Interpretation of Dreams, by Sigmund Freud. Borrowed by Chirag Jain[batchmate].
• The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. Borrowed by Aparajita Puri [junior].
• Life of Pi, by Yann Martel[completed]- Borrowed by Mayank.

• Sword Art Online: A new anime I started not too long ago. Its pretty good, based on a MMORPG. Has got good reviews.
• One Piece: Started on insistence by Mayank. This anime must have something in it to be that popular
• Fairy Tail: Re-started watching after a gap of almost 3-4 months, I guess
• Naruto Shippuden: Considering the fillers have arrived, I guess it’s a hiatus for this one now

None, thinking of starting with Elders Scroll Skyrim again

Game of Thrones: Pretty good one. Based on the Song of Fire and Ice series by G.R.R. Martin


Well, the summers for the batch of 2014 is done with, and they have performed pretty good as expected. The Latest business today rankings give FMS the 3rd slot. Anyways, lets leave MBA for a while.
I do not get to have many meaningful discussions nowadays. Find it extremely hard to find people who think somewhat similarly as I do, or someone who can think of the larger picture. And the reason to blame, is once again, our great education system. Which teaches the students to kill their creativity, impedes their imagination, and just focuses on rote learning. As a result, most people just have a short term and narrow minded outlook towards things. Even in college, people just tend to think about marks, assignment submissions, and the like, rather than think about learning and adding value to their personality. Often, I inadvertently happen to overhear conversations which are mostly meaningless or pure gossip. Disappointing mostly. Even within MBA, a person becomes so short sighted, that he or she almost totally looses track of things which may not be directly related to his/her domain or specialization. Indians still regard thinking as a waste of time, and disagreeing with the teacher’s viewpoint is considered an act of blasphemy. And then we ask- Why doesn’t India produce any Steve Jobs? Why doesn’t India produce any organization or institution capable of leaving a mark across the world?


Rove2mushin said...

I don't think you should close the blog, you should continue it.Its been long time since I had checked out your blog, I like the change but it does seem to be drastic! From a white to black background! Anyways, Nice to read a post.
~Aditya Patil~

MonkAvantGarde said...

Carry on Sattu
something that has been kept for this long cannot be closed for a short barren period

Bikramjit said...

Ohhhh I managed to come to this blog and Find that you are wanting to close it ..

hmm Well I would say why close it when you get time write .. simple if you close and then want to write you will have to redo the whole procedure again

Bikramjit singh's

kanik said...

I have been a regular reader of your blog.I can understand that ur schedule of MBA does not leave you with any time. But still it is ur original creation and u have been putting your heart and soul in writing your blogs. Therefore, do not close it. When the MBA season will get over, you will definitely get a lot of time to write vigourosly. Through your blogs, u give inspiration to ppl to be what they r. Then it is a request to continue to write to motivate more. Many ppl in India subscribe to your views and that's why ur blog is so popular. Hope u will think abt it.

Kritika(kanikaz from pagalguy)

Anonymous said...

Hey bro:)...after reading your post, i somehow feel that the real reason for you wanting to close down this blog is not the time factor.Rather it is your disappointment with the way things are and the way people are.This is how it always has been and always will be. Nothing can change people's mindset because it's all deep rooted. The best and only thing you should do is to be who you are, think different, act different and feel happy with yourself knowing fully well that you will never be part of a mindless herd of blind sheep.Be proud of yourself. You are doing the best you can despite all that you've had to go through and you will do better and better each time.So cheer up,rise and shine.Take care:)

Satwinder Singh said...

I must say, am just too awed to see the comments of people out here. I didnt expect a single comment and I got 5 well wishes. :) [and also considering that my previous 10 posts didnt get a single comment).

@Adi, Mayank, Manjushaa, Kritika, Bikramjit: Thanks a lot for your wishes. I guess I will carry on with my posts. :)

All your wishes made my day.

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