Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Work Life!

Finally, a blog post, after quite some while. This is my first post after joining BASF India as a Management Trainee. So finally, corporate life begins. But this post is not about my corporate experience. But life outside of it.

This is the famous monsoon season in Mumbai. Its literally raining 24 x 7 on some days. I am used to getting wet repeatedly. I made a cardinal mistake of losing my umbrella in the first week itself. Then bought a new one, which conked out after using it for just one time. Just great! On top of that, the strap of my watch got torn, my mobile is at an all time bad condition, and the worst part is that I badly injured my right arm, and got a skin infection to go along with it. I also have other health problems, but there is no point mentioning about them.

But I still have had some fun to say the least. There are nine other management trainees out here, and we are all staying at the same place. There are lot of things which I have been doing, and recently we all went out to watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. I found the movie very inspiring, and would definitely see it again later, if I get the time. Farhaan Akhtar was just brilliant. I haven’t got the time to go exploring Mumbai yet, as I am busy with work. But I am definitely planning to go around once I get a bit of free time. Hopefully will meet up with some friends as well.

But the good part is that, I am actually glad to be busy. For two months, I did almost nothing but watch movies, play games, and waste time on facebook. So it’s a nice welcome change to actually work and be preoccupied with positive activities.

I am actually hopeful for the future, and I am looking forward to doing something big. And there are lot of other plans as well. Time management is the key. But am not even getting time to read books right now. Still trying to remain regular with newspapers.


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