Monday, April 12, 2010

Engineers dominating at Bschools

*Continued from the previous post:

So I had discussed 2 reasons for ‘Engineers dominating at Bschools’ in my last post. In this post, I shall elucidate a few more.

See, there is a psychological reason for this. We all want to do what our friends/peers are doing. This is due to an ersatz sense of security. We do not want to take any risk by doing something different from others. If one sees that most of his friends are doing engineering, and then MBA, he/she will automatically want to do the same. The student believes-‘So many people are doing it. Obviously there has to be something good about it.’ So he also gets into the rat race without knowing where it ends. Only after he has completed his MBA does he realize his mistake- that he failed to take an independent decision. Wrong decisions can be career threatening. The main problem is that people sacrifice their passion, and get into a line which is totally un-suited to them.

Engineers can easily manage both the QA and VA part, whereas Non-engineers who are good in English struggle in the QA/DI part. This is a well known truth. It is generally seen that most people take up engineering even if they don’t like it. So they usually get fed up of their subjects quite soon. They believe that MBA is their savior, the degree which will get rid of their misery, so they blindly run after it, without bothering to even know what an MBA really is. Heard of the hackneyed phrase-‘History repeats itself?’ The same thing happens again, and he gets fed up of studying business, thinking that he will get into whichever job which pays the most. He gets into any XYZ job, and after that starts hating it as well, criticizing everyone from his boss to this colleagues. Why did all of this happen? Simple, he chose to quench the innate talent which he had, and instead chose a path which did not belong to him. If he had done something which he genuinely liked, and not done something which others were doing, he would have been successful and happy [Terms and Conditions applied].

The main problem is that India is still a poor country, and most people will not feel like following their interest or nurturing their passion, if they can’t even feed themselves and their family. So money always comes first. Education, for them [majority of the people], is just a medium to get a job, and nothing else. This is why so many of them aim for the IITs and IIMs, thinking that their future will get secured, since those institutions guarantee jobs for all their students. We have to change this thinking philosophy. Education should be pursued for developing one’s own knowledge database, and then working on one’s interests, and not for getting placements only. You may be interested in Photography, Martial Arts, Sports, etc, but if you choose to get into the rat race [primarily Engineering and MBA], only for money/job, in the long run you will end up as just another loser. But of course, you need to work assiduously if you want to achieve something. Always remember-‘A shortcut to success will cut your life short’. [I made this phrase-impromptu]

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Aphron said...

True! Cannot agree more. Other courses like basic sciences are never given their due credit. Pyschology of parent's also plays a important role,Majority of them want their son/daughter to work in a IT company! As if it is a sin to work for anything else. It is due to the economic state of the families in our country. The pyschology needs to be changed or else students will end up doing a Engineering+MBA which is "Only confusion waste combination"

Satwinder Singh said...

Yeah man.. Actually parents want their children to be secure and opt for traditional streams. But they fail to realize that may in fact destroy a child's ambitions and lead him to a path of ruin instead. Plus it is a wrong belief that only traditional streams can help you become secure/earn money. In fact if you put in everything u have in your passion, you can def. earn big as well..

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