Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why do Top Bschools have an 'Engineering' Majority!

All right, here is a very popular topic- Why do top Bschools in India lack in background diversity, and are monopolistically(No such word actually exists) dominated by Engineers? I am going to give a few reasons for this(There are many I know, but I wont cover all).

First and foremost, most MBA entrance exams are heavy on Maths. In fact 2/3rd of CAT is essentially Mathematics(including LR and DI). So a sound base in Mathematics becomes very essential, for MBA aspirants. And most good(I stress on this word) engineers will be proficient in Mathematics(after all, its one of the most important subject for them). Especially those in top engineering colleges, will be constantly dealing with stuff related to Math(almost in every respect).

Its not that all engineers are good in Quantitative Aptitude(QA). Many are not good in it, but the reverse is usually not true. There are very few non-engineers who can compete with, say an IITian in Mathematics. Most Olympiad medal holders are engineers. They do not opt for Research in Mathematics, or BSC/MSC, simply because an engineering degree holds much more value. So how can you expect non-engineers to compete with their counterparts who can solve QA sums in the same time you batter an eye-lid?

Secondly, it is a well known fact, that in India all the good students opt for Engineering. Whether they actually like it or not is irrelevant. Its the degree and brand name of the college which matters more. So say, a student scores very high in his class 10th board exams, everyone will encourage him to take Science and then engineering, even if he is interested in Arts or Commerce. Plus after that student takes up Science, there is a 95% probability that he is going to join some ABC engineering college in future. Because basic sciences do not attract them, and medical seats are too few in number. So we have the category of wanted-to-be-a-doctor, ended-up-as-an-engineer category of people.

*To be Continued.

As pointed out to me by my friends, I am going to keep my posts short from now on. So will split long posts into multiple posts. :)


sammythewizzy said...

Heheh.. this post seems to be (IMO) too short!!! You could have added more info..

Anyway, you've got some good points here.. These days doing MPC (or PCM if u like) followed by Engg has become mandatory is most places.. Kids are not even given a chance to think!

Satwinder Singh said...

@Sammy: Lolz, XD. Dont worry, will extend in the second post... in any case, let me write short posts for a while.

Yep, nobody encourages creativity or innovation over here..

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