Friday, April 23, 2010

Short Story: The Conversation-Part 1

Okay, time for another short story. This time, I will refrain from using any sort of sarcasm or subtle humor. The story will be basic, and uncomplicated. So here I begin, hope you will like it.

The compartment S-42 had just one person in it. Not surprising, since it was a first class compartment and the train had just left the station. Nikita was in a disheveled state. Her hair had become loose and untidy, and the tears had spoiled most of her make-up. Struggling to compose herself, she wiped her face with her silk handkerchief and finally took her seat. Sitting directly opposite to her, a man of around her age was busy reading a paperback. Apparently he hadn’t even bothered to give her a second look. Now this was a bit of an unforeseen situation for Nikita. She was not used to being ignored. Rather most men would have found her extremely attractive and comely. Few could have resisted complimenting her pulchritude. However this young man had ostensibly decided that a book was a much better companion than a beautiful lady.

Nikita tied her loose hair with a clip and decided that she had had enough. ‘Excuse me,’ she remarked. ‘Are you going to Delhi as well?’

‘Yes’. The man did not even look at her.

‘Quite the laconic fellow isn’t he?’ thought Nikita. Nevertheless, she decided to be courteous.

‘Hello, my name is Nikita and I am a professional dancer. I guess we will be sharing this compartment tonight, so we might know each other better. So can you tell me something about yourself?’ She forced a smile.

‘I am Rajesh, and what is your problem?’

Nikita was flabbergasted. ‘Uh, what problem? What do you mean?’

‘Isn’t it obvious? You have been crying. What happened? A fight with your boyfriend?’

Nikita paused for a moment. Whoever this guy was, he was no fool. At least he was a good observer all right.

‘Yes, he dumped me for another boisterous girl. She was my room-mate. And she stabbed me in the back,’ she said in a low tone.

‘Isn’t it usually the other way around? Girls dump their partners all the time.’

‘Excuse me. You don’t know anything about me. You have no right to make any comment about my personal matter.’

‘If you say so,’ replied Rajesh and went back to his book.

Nikita could hardly believe her eyes. This guy wasn’t even interested in her personal life. And to think she knew a bunch of perverts who were dying for her personal details.

To be Continued.


sammythewizzy said...

Interesting start.. but you seem to have emphasised a lot on the word "Short" in Short Story.. This was too tiny dude.. Maybe next time you can start writing "longer" short stories.. (its an oxymoron, i know) :)

Satwinder Singh said...

@sammy: agreed.. :D

But this time I have a fool proof reason for not keeping it short:

That is, I was indolent.. :P

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