Thursday, August 20, 2009

25 Random Facts About Myself


Well, I will do a detailed character sketch of myself, sometime in future. For the present however, am copying a concept popular amongst bloggers. The topic is ’25 Random things about Myself.’ All right, it need not be 25, but I decided on saying 25 for now. May write more such facts later.

All the facts written below are true to the best of my knowledge. And no, I did not take a Polygraph test for them.

So, I begin. Here they are, in no particular order or hierarchy:

1) I do NOT believe in Love.
Don’t ask me why. I believe that true love is either very rare, or non-existent.

2) I simply love South Indian food ,especially Idli and Dosa.

3) Red is my most favorite color. Ironically I once suffered from severe haemophobia or fear of blood.

4) I am a monotheist. I believe in the presence of One God, One Universal Power that controls our living.

5) I detest crowd and over-crowded places.

6) I do not believe in marriage. I think marriage without love is meaningless.

7) I do not believe in numerology or astrology. I believe that man builds his own future and destiny, on which stars have no role to play. [Recollect Mithun’s dialogue from CC2C: ‘Man’s fate lies not in this(points to his own hand lines), but in this’: clenches his fist. ]

8) I love playing RPG(Role Playing) games. I like to live in a world of fantasy, and I believe that my imagination knows almost no bounds.

9) I scarcely if ever, trust others. I have been betrayed by my best friends in the past, whom I trusted blindly.

10) I have very few real friends. Most are fake, and come to me whenever they need something.

11) I am a kind of a reticent person. Some people also call me an introvert. However, I can also go on talking if I am in the mood.

12) I am altruistic. I like helping others.

13) I am a very good flirt (Try me). Though of late, I have stopped flirting. May resume in future.

14) I have never, till date sweared at any person. In fact, I have never used(spoken or written) a serious slang(I dont consider 'damn, crap' etc as slangs) anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I maintain this as a rule.

15) I abhor smoking and drinking. I believe the world will be a much better place to live in, minus alcohol and tobacco.

16) I am a total bookworm. I cant stay 30 minutes without reading something (books, magazines, newspapers, whatever).

17) My most favorite author is the late Michael Crichton.

18) My most favorite actor of all times is Akshay Kumar.

19) I love watching Hollywood action movies, especially the ones featuring Arnold S. The Terminator series (minus T4) is one of my favs.

20) Of late, I have become emotionless. External events hardly affect me from the inside.

21) My biggest idols are Uchiha Itachi from Naruto, and Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. For those who don’t know, they are animation characters.

22) I do NOT believe that in order to be successful in life, one must follow the ‘Btech+MBA’ path. Though most people in India follow this almost like a law.

23) I respect the truth. I find it quite difficult(though certainly not impossible) to lie to others.

24) I believe that attaining true knowledge, is more important than running after marks, degrees, or even money.

25) I have a deadly fascination for swords of different types, shapes and sizes. I will purchase a few in future. (Maybe from Japan, whose Samurai’s and Ninjas belter my imagination).

That’s all from now folks. See ya soon. Take care..


gk said...

did know most of the things u mentioned but "13" was altogether a different prospective.....................@10...disappointed ......

Satwinder Singh said...


Yeah I know, 13 must have come as a surprise.

And unfortunately 10 is true. It is more applicable to my college life...

Anonymous said...

Got to know u a lot better:).Wish good things happen in ur life to change some of ur perspectives for the better.

$hruti said...

flirtable person :P
13th point-try me sounds like that :P

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