Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Indian Education System Part 2

I know, am posting this after a long while, but trust me, I have been occupied with lots of work. I know its just an excuse for not posting, but still.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, our education system. Ever since the 19th century, during the British rule, we have followed the system of Learn By Rote. And we still continue to follow it post independence, in majority of our schools and institutions, including the top ones. The curriculam or the syllabus is set in such a way, that most students do not get any other alternative to plain memorizing of data.

If we take any subject like History or Geography, obviously most of it is related to learning by rote. But nowadays, students are even memorizing Scientific and mathematical problems, just to score high in their exams. So we have become totally exam oriented. Pursue for knowledge is limited to very few individuals. Ask any student, if he would have loved to study a subject or topic if it was not included in his exam. Most will say 'No'. Many students complain that they do not like a subject, but are forced to study it against their will, in order to pass their exams.

Now, it has been proved scientifically that if you pursue any subject against your will, your efficiency will automatically come down. Why should we study subjects which we dont like, or which will not help us ever in future. For example, if a student is interested in studying Science, what will memorizing past battle dates give him? This reminds me of a chapter I had in plus 2, in English. It was about Einstein. On being asked why he was reading Geology, when it was not included in his course, he replied, 'Because I like it. isnt that reason good enough?' He got the reply, 'Yes, but it wont help you in obtaining a degree.' In the same chapter, he also told his history teacher, 'I see no point in remembering dates, since once can always look them up in a book.'

Have we all, become such materialistic persons, who desire marks and success beyond everything else? Why shouldnt we do things that we like, rather than doing things simply with the purpose of obtaining marks and degrees? One can argue, that without those, we cannot get a good job in this fickle society. That is, unfortunately, quite true. We all judge a person by his marks, and not by his character,

And it has often been seen, that people with a good memory tend to score high marks, than their fellow classmates, who may be as intelligent or even more intelligent than them, but lack the memory power, to memorize digestive or nervous systems, and accounts of Second Battle of Panipat.

Thank you for reading..
* To be continued.


Anonymous said...

I completed agree with both the parts.It is a sad fact that even top b schools like the IIMs judge a candidate by the marks scored by him/her in 10th,12th and boards.many students are rejected in the PI round just because their past academic record is not exactly brilliant.doesn't clearing the CAT and GD round alone and coming all the way upto the level of PI itself show that the person concerned is ambitious and capable of withstanding competition?it is really unfair.Intelligence is not directly proportional to marks and vice versa.Mr bill gates and MR steve jobs stand testimony to the same.they never got a college degree but that didn't stop them from becoming what they are humble request to our edu instis:Wake up please..Wake's high time

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