Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anger Management

Okay guys, am taking a break from the education system topic, which I will continue later.

For now, lets focus on a new topic, ie Anger Management, and Toleration.

Anger is an emotion, which I am sure all of you must have felt at some point of time. In fact, maybe every single day. Some people get angry at the slightest provocation or incident which occurs. Others incessantly remain bovine or calm, even in the toughest of situations. But the later category of people forms a very small group in practical life. The first group consists of the majority of the people who exist.

In fact, human toleration level has vastly degraded from the past. We are always in a state of war and conflict, whether physical, mental or emotional. Rarely do we spare time for ourselves, for thinking and pondering, etc. Instead, we often get frustrated, and in that frustration we want to vent out all our anger. This may happen in several forms. We may scream out aloud, we may start breaking vulnerable, hapless things or in the worst case, we may even physically attack others (happens quite often).

But why do we do such nefarious things? Why can’t we remain calm and keep our cool? Is it really because our tolerance level has gone down to such a great extent, that we cannot even stand minor hiccups? Anger is one of the major deterrents towards good health. Not only is it harmful for us, but indirectly becomes harmful towards other people as well. For example, a few months ago, I read in the newspaper that a man killed his wife in fury, because she had asked for some money to buy vegetables. This man, a drunkard, later regretted the incident. Such cases are very common. Often, they take up unprecedented proportions, and go out of hand.

I will give a few, common examples. I travel by bus regularly. Very often, I see people quarreling over simple things, such as seats, place to stand, etc. They start shouting and abusing each other. The same thing is quite common in trains and even airports. Anger outbursts are common at crowded places. Such as ticket counters, banks, etc. More often that not, the issue is a very baseless one. People don’t need a reason to get angry. Teachers, at school are also quite prone to anger. Without thinking, they mercilessly beat the child, and scream till the child’s ears split wide open. And on being questioned, they blatantly claim that they beat the child, for his own good. As if they even bother one bit about the child. I firmly believe that if you really want to be a good human being, you should learn to control your anger, first of all.

Some scientists believe that anger is necessary for everyone. And that it’s also important, to take out your anger in some form, otherwise you will gain internal maladies. This is simply ridiculous. What do you want an angry person to do? Take a knife and stab his child, just because he(the boy) got punished in school? Of course not. What you should do ideally, is to take deep breaths, count from 1-10, think of something pleasant that happened in the past, and relax. But of course, most people do not bother. They simply stand up, and whack, slap the child across his face. And if that person is a friend or colleague, they verbally abuse him without the slightest hesitation.

Consider anger to be a form of negative energy. You need to translate this energy into something positive. Always think before you act. Your actions could have disastrous consequences, in the future. I have seen many people starting a fight, after being sweared at. I say to them, ‘That guy sweared from his mouth. Why did you take it in, from your ear? Just block it out.’ Yeah, many of you belligerent people, will say, ‘What do you expect me to do? Stand still, and ignore him? He is responsible for my anger….’. Yes, ignore that person. And NOBODY BUT YOU are responsible for any anger, that emerges within you. We always lift our finger, and point at others, when asked who is responsible for the damage done. Its always others who make us angry, always others who hurt us, and make us frustrated. I say, if that’s the case, you are not much better off than the idiot box. Yes, you heard me correct, I meant the Television. You have just given the remote of your life to others. Just like people change channels on the TV, people come and change your mood as per their will. This makes you little better than a slave, who responds to others commands.

What should be done for this? First of all, become strong from the inside. Don’t let what others say, affect you in any way. Believe in yourself, and your principles. Getting involved in arguments, and fights, will NEVER benefit you in any way. Instead, it will only lower your image in society. Never get blinded by anger. In most cases, the people who succeed and rise to the top are ones who have a high tolerance level, and who remain calm in grim situations. The calmer you are, the better you can work. That’s a proven fact. And try not to raise your voice, as far as possible. Its not that if the person standing in front of you is shouting at you, then you should shout louder to prove your superiority.

So the next time, you start abusing someone, and raise your hand, pause, and think for a moment. Anger blocks our reasoning ability. This is also one of the prime reasons for crime. With anger, comes an array of diseases. High blood pressure, tension, stress, fatigue, migraine, even heart attacks, are related to anger.

Combat anger. Live a healthy and peaceful life.

See you soon, folks. Take care..


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