Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day

All right, Happy Independence Day to all(Indians) of you, folks. Let us celebrate our 62nd Independence Anniversary with pride. While the country may still be plagued by a host of problems, India has nevertheless risen to quite a high position in the past 60 plus years. We have witnessed lots of technological progress, including the rise of the IT sector. Literacy rate has risen from 30% to over 60%. Infant and maternal mortality rate has fallen. Our GDP is growing at a stable rate. Millions of villages have obtained electricity and water supply. India produces some of the Worlds best leaders, doctors, engineers, etc. We will soon have the maximum number of billionaires in the world.
Mobile and internet connections have penetrated the entire landmass.
United we Stand, in the Worlds Largest Democratic Republic.

Yet, in spite of all this progress, we have faced innumerous impediments in our path. So many nefarious and parasitic problems remain. I will now, divide them into some questions, which I ask to the general public and the Government, both.

Q)1) Why, even after 62 years of Independence, are so many people (over one-third of the population) still so destitute that they are even unable to afford a daily meal?
What happened to the ‘Garibi Bhagao Abhiyaan’? The number of poor has increased, and so has the number of slum dwellers. The disparity in wealth is quite evident.

Q)2) Why has the Education and Infrastructure sections been neglected so badly over the past 50 years?

I believe these 2 fields are of prime importance for any country’s development, yet it is precisely these 2 fields which we have utterly neglected. So many million people are still illiterate. India produces the largest number of school dropouts every year. And Female Education is still ostracized. India has the Worlds Largest Road connection, but most of the villages(and even some cities) are still inaccessible via road networks. Most projects get delayed in red-tape. And the condition of the Roads and Railways is deteriorating every day. India can boast of having the worst public transport system in the world. See the condition of our normal buses and non-reserved train bogies, and one will get a decent idea.

Q)3) Why has the Government failed to check the unprecedented growth of population in the country?

India has almost reached the state of hyper-population. Forget un-employment. There are so many people, that all the resources are falling scarce. Including crops, and other food items. In fact, almost every problem that India faces, can be linked directly or indirectly to over-population. From shortage of college seats, to lack of jobs, discomfort everywhere, etc. The poor, even today, prefer to have around 5-6 children, on an average. Proper awareness needs to be generated and adequate measures to be taken, before the situation goes totally out of control.

Q)4) Why has the Government done practically nothing to get rid of the worm called corruption?

India has the uncanny reputation of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. And it has done nothing to prevent it. It’s the political parties and various thousands of unions, which decide what is to be done, and rarely the common man. Oppose them, and you can get killed. This is hardly in accordance with the ‘By the People, For the People’ tagline. The situation has become so perverted, that its next to impossible to find an honest person affiliated to politics. Even the police is corrupt. The security system is almost non-existent. Terrorism is rampant.

Q)5) Why do we still have one of the worst Law Systems in the World?

Justice delayed is Justice denied, they say. Yet in India, the average litigation period is around 15 years. Compare that to less than 1 year in other developed countries, including China, and you can get the scenario. First of all, due to a highly in-efficient system, people in India rarely if ever, get true justice. The political leaders see to that. Secondly, almost all cases are delayed by un-necessary red-tape and favoritism, to the extent that the hapless victim can do nothing but watch, as the culprit goes scott free. The police is just as inefficient. They are under-paid and rely on black money, which they obtain from underworld dons. Bribe is as common as sweet distribution.

I could go on and on, with India’s never ending problems, whole day. But I will prefer to end this post here. I hope to see the Government take steps regarding these infirmities, in future, to create a fully developed Super Power nation, with an infinite potential. We have identified the problem. Now we need to put an end to all evils and threats.

Jai Hind.


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